inside out carmel apples

so I’ve always thought carmel apples sounds delicious but look ridiculously hard to eat, but I found this recipe and loved it.

inside out carmel apples


granny smith green apples (or whatever kind you want)

carmel candies (melted)

chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, butterscotch chips, sliced pecans, peanut butter chips or whatever toppings you desire!


slice the apple in half. carve the middles a little so the carmel to sit. melt the carmel candies and pour melted carmel in the middle of the apples. top with your desired toppings and enjoy! tip: eat before the carmel hardens.


One response

  1. i want to celebrate with these! it’s the 100th birthday of seminary and i was looking today for a way to celebrate it—–you found it, yes! only i’ll melt the caramels in my crock pot adn have the kids pour it on the apples and sprinkle themselves so they don’t cool before i get to class!

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